Walls as smooth as glass

Never underestimate when it comes to walls

We at Audere, do not just put up walls, we create the perfect backdrop for your furnishings. Something that can't be overlooked. When it comes to achieving a perfect finish on internal walls and ceilings, preparation is everything. The surfaces need to be as flat and smooth as possible, every minor crack and crevice filled, and every superficial speck removed. Remember, you are going to spend many hours gazing at those walls, and any minor blemishes are likely to annoy you for years to come, so it is worth putting in the effort now.


Audere’s experts will remove any decorative materials, such as wallpaper to get down to the bare plaster which then needs to be sanded down with a suitable grade of sandpaper. If a wall or ceiling is fundamentally sound, but marked with a few dents, nail-holes and hairline cracks, these annoying imperfections absolutely need to be taken care of before proceeding.

If a ceiling or wall is seriously damaged, it might require more than a bit of filler. The surface will need to be sanded down and sealed with dilute PVA. But if you have an older property, especially pre-1945, with lime plaster, we will avoid this at all costs. The thin gypsum skim coat will be harder and less flexible than the underlying soft lime plaster, and is liable to crack and shell off over time. 

Humidity?  Our team will evaluate the climatic conditions and determine whether special materials are called for to avoid unsightly mold and watermarks in the future. 

These are just a few of the reasons you need a serious professional- even when you’re dealing with just a paint job. If you want lasting quality that is.