Prestamped 730 form

The Inland Revenue has notified the presence of some errors in the prestamped 730 form, in particular:

  • the lack of income tax deductions for many employees and retirees;
  • the 80 Euro bonus in many cases is later reversed;
  • inaccurate data on interest paid on mortgages and insurance policies;
  • with many Certificazione Uniche (Single Form) the days of work are not inserted.

In addition, the software used by the IRS for the prestamped form often discards amounts in favor of the taxpayer resulting in an incorrect tax liability. The task lies with the accountant or professional filing the forms to "solve" the wrong reporting of data by replacing the values proposed by the Inland Revenue with the correct values, so as to avoid the transmission of an incorrect 730 form.

The problem demonstrates the inaccuracy of the system developed by the Revenue Office.