Bonus Bebe'

Finally the long-awaited instructions for obtaining the 'baby-bonus' under the law of 2015 have been published. The 2015 tax code foresees that for every child born or adopted during the period between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2017 an allowance of € 960 can be obtained. This allowance:

  • is granted, upon request, by INPS through monthly payments from the month of birth / adoption;
  • does not count as personal taxable income;
  • is to be paid until the child reaches three years of age;
  • foresees that the ISEE value of the family of the parent applying for the allowance does not exceed € 25,000.

Applications can be submitted from 12 May to 27 July 2015. For claims submitted after the deadline, the allowance will be paid from the date of submission of the application. Applications may be submitted to the INPS office only through the following three channels: online, the Integrated Contact Centre and Unions (INPS circular no. 93/2015).15).