Our Services

Audere is a company formed by a team of professionals with vast experience behind them, each with the single objective of providing total customer satisfaction.

Audere can be defined as a modern company inside which tasks are perfectly distributed and where everyone has this important goal of providing total satisfaction in mind.

Audere operates in Italy and abroad and as such is always attentive to the continuous evolution of materials on the market. This continuous attention to changes allows us to offer a complete "turnkey" solution where all the materials needed to contribute to a quality job are the result of intensive research and analysis that permits us to obtain that difficult meeting point between quality and competitive price.

Below is a list and a short description of our services.

  • Aplication for planning permission
Planning permission or Permit is a document that permits one to build or remodel a property. Commencement of work (DIA) or Commencement notice (SCIA) are both building permits.
  • Preliminary assessment
A preliminary assessment is a limited scope investigation carried out by a professional technical personnel to determine whether or not a property has the prequisites to allow construction intervention.
  • Planning supervisor
The Planning supervisor oversees all activities taking place at the work site and exercises control over them to assure that the project is respected and the work is executed correctly with the proper use of materials as defined in the contract.
  • Site safety and drafting of OSP and sCP
With the objective of guaranteeing the elimination of reduction of risks in specific areas preventive measures must be taken. After a careful analysis of the Operational Safety Plan (OSP) the risks of each single area are analyzed in detail in the Safety Coordination Plan.
  • Safety Lines
In accordance with law, Audere always implements the necessary safety measures which include a variety of safety lines, anchorage systems, and guided fall arresters in order to keep workers safe when operating at dangerous heights.
  • Efficiency certificate (APE)
We perform an accurate energy analysis of the property with thorough evaluation of the walls and fixtures, energy consumption, production of hot water, cooling and space heating, the type of facility and possible systems of renewable energy production. Following the investigation, we complete the necessary documents and issue the efficiency certificate, which summarizes the energy characteristics of the property.
  • Structural Analysis
Analysis indicating all the mechanical and engineering measures taken to resolve structural problems.
  • Law 10/91
In accordancw wiht law, adequate documentation must be drawn up to show that the new building, or object of extraordinary maintenance, renovation, expansion, complies with the minimum parameters required .
  • Real estate apparaisal
The value of a property depends on various factors such as the state of maintenance, the exposure, the presence of unauthorized building works. A careful assessment performed by a professional leads to a safer purchase.
  • Remodeling
We perform renovations at all levels, from the simplest to the most complex in both residential and commercial arenas.
  • Civil and industrial planning
Preliminary and executive plans for civil and industrial works; residential buildings, industrial and commercial particular real estate comlexes, shopping facilties, small, medium and large retail outlets, hotels and reception facilities, agricultural structures and recovery of existing buildings.
  • Interior decorating
We try to create a real relationship with the client and then put together a number of ideas in order to create the best solution most suited to the architectural environment in question.
  • Rendering
Photorealistic rendering is ideal for presenting a project in an unequivocal way, exactly as designed. Whether it's an ogject, a project or even just an idea, Audere's team creates high impact photorealistic renderings.

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