To call oneself a mason is simple, especially for those who are not truly involved in the work. The amount of time required to be considered a senior mason, is long and no doubt our men during their career will be improving, however...

Our team of masons is comprised of ambitious men who are well organized and who are never superficial. Professionals who are always up to date on new technologies and processes, this allows us not only to ensure work of the highest caliber but also permits us to be fast and these elements together give us a competitive edge. 

The masons at Audere can all be considered "senior masons" without a doubt.

Edil Interiors©

Interior Design and Decorating is much more common abroad, however, in recent years there is an increasing demand in France and Italy to satisfy clients who are perhaps some of the most discerning when it comes to quality and style. For this reason EdilInteriors© is at our client's disposal offering an extra-professional, out-of-the-ordinary service.

Should our clients have the need, we have the way. We're certain to be able to guarantee a superior level of expertise and design know-how in all the details that make a difference.


All of our plumbing work is undertaken with the utmost integrity. We install solar and geothermal heating systems with the use of the most avant-garde materials. Our work is always in accordance with pertinent legal regulations.

Electrical Engineering

Edil Audere can meet any challenge with its vast array of international team members who are not only experienced, trained professionals in both residential and commercial installations but are multi-lingual.


Our Administration division beyond handling accounting managment is at your disposal, ready to provide any type of clairifcation of a fiscal or legal nature that pertains to all the opportunities and updates in the industry.

Planning and Project Design

Successful building requires good ground planning beforehand; the same ingredients necessary to produce a smooth flight. Our project design and management team doesn't work in any other way.  Well thought out planning leads to smooth work of superior quality