Skilled Laborers

Quick intervention planning, site safety, excellent dialogue with the customer, skilled laborers with extensive experience in the field, a vast network of collaborators and professional consultants.

Civil and Industrial Construction

We can handle any type of construction project of an industrial or civil nature.

Italy, France and Switerzland

A strong presence in Italy:  Milano, Pavia and surrounding areas, western Italian Riviera.
Europe: French riviera from Menton to Saint-Tropez; Ticino region of Switzerland

Prestigious Finishings

We always propose high quality styles, colors and finishings in order to produce a prestigious result.

Subfloors - Flooring

Perfectly level, clean subfloors without cracks or fissures, every time. Enjoy an accurate selection of materials, colors, geometrics and forms in all our flooring work.


Our kids always wanted their own bathroom and my wife wanted a walk-in wardrobe. Problem is.. we just don't have the space. Or at least we didn't until Audere came along. They had solutions that made our home seem twice the size. I even got more space...

Instant bathroom


My wife really wasn't looking forward to re-doing our bathroom, but Audere promised their team would be in and out in 6 days time. Other contractors told us this was impossible, but low and behold, our bathroom was not only stunning but was even ready ahead of...

Cantiere Pulito


We have no complaints about the quality of the work but what really impressed us beyond belief was the cleanliness and order that was always maintained during all the work.

... Francesca, Pavia



We purchased a central villa and beyond being fully satisfied with the quality of finishings we were even given the opportunity to know who are neighors were before purchasing. 

...Marco, Zerbolò

Smooth Walls


The best part of our new house, if you don't count the masonry kitchen and travertine bathroom are the walls that are smooth as glass. Now we just hope to keep the kid's fingerprints off them!

...Alessandra, San Remo

Fast work


We met Audere thanks to a very unlucky accident. During the work with another company, our property suffered structural damage, which Audere not only resolved but was able to deliver right on schedule so we didn't have to continue paying rent at our old apartment.


EDILIZIA PER ECCELLENZAazienda_edila_Liguria dita_edile_Pavia dita:edile_Liguria In all building works, from simple remodelling to complex industrial construction, from basic electrical installations to the most advanced planning and design operations, Audere always leaves it's mark.